Live Fish Go with the Flow

December 14, 2017 1 Comment

I first heard the comment "Only Dead Fish Go with the flow" on an ABC political news show. The comment was sprouted by a politician who, by my reckoning, really doesn't understand currents and fish. The comment has some merit and metaphorical value. Enough to get some action on social media, however I feel the comment is shallow and untrue to some extent.

Most of the successful fish in the ocean and the humans thriving sustainably in the natural flow life, that I know, are very alive and swimming in the current. They enter and exit the current at strategic intervals while using its energy to propel them to the objective,or like many species of sharks, they take a break in the flow and recharge.

Salmon spend so much energy fighting against the flow, dodging bears and other predators along the way, that they die not long after of exhaustion. Fair enough, they reach their objective 20% of the time, but they end up dead. They look pretty tough flying through the air up a waterfall. True sport stars.

So, who wants to be a Salmon and who wants to be a Shark?

I base the timing of my dive trips around 4 main factors that control the flow of life in the ocean. Moon, Tide, ocean currents and seasonal weather patterns. Currents bring life and energy to the ocean and when the four factors aline, the show is spectacular!

So, dive into the flow I say. Relax and enjoy the ride and get on and off as you please!

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