Do what you love, work hard and life will take care of the rest.

February 13, 2018

Not long ago I was waitressing tables, my way to start over when I arrived in a new country. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, it wasn't my passion and I knew I needed a change. 
I had done my Open Water course and my University degree in Oceanography back in Brazil. I also worked in a Marine Geology Lab. That was the thing I actually loved: physically be in the water, learning more about the ocean everyday.
So it was time to get back into it. Back to my career path. I was already hooked with the beauty of the underwater world. But I then decided to take my diving seriously.
Living in Sydney I googled “Scuba Diving Schools” and a huge list was presented to me. My diving resume wasn’t the best to actually get a job, but I decided to give it a go anyway. I was an Advanced Open Water with less than 40 dives and not much experience at all!
I called to all diving shops in Sydney enquiring about Dive Master internships and if they were hiring.
As you can probably imagine, I heard 99,9% of “NOs”. But then there it was! The 0.01% that would change my life.
I was lucky when I called Frog Dive and John Warner wasn’t busy (rare thing to happen!) and he had some time to talk to me. He must have liked me, as he told me to send a resume to the shop’s email. I was even more lucky because when Dennis McHugh called me to schedule an interview, he was in a great mood (haha! Just kidding Dennis).
That was just the beginning.
If there’s something I noticed with my experience so far in the Diving Industry is that “being lucky” is a small part of it, if you want to stick to it and grow, you will have to work very hard.
Many people say “OMG! You have the best job in the world, always diving and enjoying the beach”. Well, I have to agree, I do think I have the best job ever: I love what I do. But what most of the seasonal divers don’t see is the hard work behind the scenes. All the courses you need to do, the gear you need to invest on, wake up very early to have the boat waiting and ready to go by 7:00am for the customers and carry some VERY heavy gear (being a woman is no excuse, everybody works hard). The hardest of all? Give up  your weekends and holidays, that’s when the industry is on fire and there’s no such a thing as day off. That puts a huge toll on your social relationships.
I have zero regrets with the decision I made, turn diving into my career. This industry it’s dynamic, very alive and always pumping. So much has happened and there’s still so much more up in the horizon! Today I’m a PADI Diving Instructor, tech diver in training and, for more cliche that might sounds, the world IS my oyster.
What I want to share is my experience from Advanced Open Water to Diving Instructor, from a rookie diver to building my knowledge everyday. I want to go to the most amazing places for diving and tell you what you are missing, why YOU should go. 
What about you? Share your experiences too! Let’s be a good buddy team and communicate, leave your comments if you feel like!
See you next week!

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